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Geir Midtun submitted a photo of a veteran tractor spotted in 2017. But it is from the current series and should not have green plates.

Norway four numerals series LH 1616.jpg (98 kB)
Four numerals series since 1971, but made in 1958-71 colours. Small size. LH = Tønsberg.

Norway electrical vehicle not allowed on public roads EL 10928.jpg (78 kB)
Electrically powered vehicle not allowed on public roads (don't pay road tax). 2002-06 plate style. EL = Electric (centrally issued). This Nissan was used in Svalbard by Japanese researchers. Picture found on the web.

Jon Rasdal Eliassen submitted a photo of a military test plate.

Norway military test plate FMU 005.jpg (63 kB)
Military test plate. FMU = Forsvarsmuseet (Museum of Defence).

Jon also provided a link to this photo from the website of the Norwegian military:

Norway military test plate T-U 001.jpg (96 kB)
Military test plate. T-U = Test og utvikling (Test and Development).

Jarle Elverhøy submitted two photos from 2005.

Norway military series former style 9240.jpg (22 kB)
Military plate. To the right can be seen the remains of a hyphen. Apparently this was a plate from the 1945-57 military series with a suffix letter. When the use of suffix letters ended, they simply cut the letter off and kept the rest of the plate.

Norway former normal series C-748.jpg (34 kB)
Normal series 1912-71. 1942-71 plate style. This is an original old plate and not a remake.

From the Rubinger collection comes this nice sample plate from the 1971 series, 1971-2001 style. DA = Oslo.

Norway normal series former style sample plate DA 00000.jpg (8 kB)

Geir Midtun from Lofthus, Norway submitted these photos of a 1926 model Buick belonging to Hotel Ullensvang. Midtun made the plates himself. The front plate is made according to the 1912-29 regulations, but there wasn't room for a "correct" rear plate. R = Hordaland.

Norway antique vehicle series R-465.jpg (30 kB)
Norway antique vehicle series R-465.jpg (27 kB)

Ø. Brekke took these pictures of antique vehicles in 1994. A = Oslo.

Norway antique vehicle series A-211.jpg (27 kB)
Norway antique vehicle series A-203.jpg (31 kB)
Norway antique vehicle series A-732.jpg (22 kB)

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