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Pictures added 16.3.2022:

Norway normal series FB 10087.jpg (52 kB)
(N) Normal series since 1971. 2012 onwards plate style (without sticker box). FB = Lillehammer. A few five numeral FB plates issued by mistake in 2015.

Norway light commercial series former style SU 70674.jpg (60 kB)
(N) Light commercial series since 1986. 2006-09 and Jan-May 2012 plate style. Numbering blocks from the normal series are used. SU = Bergen. With an unofficial black band sticker.

Pictures added 15.3.2022:

Belgium oldtimer series O-AES-518.jpg (84 kB)
(B) Oldtimer series since 2014. O = Oldtimers (over 25 years old).

Bulgaria normal series B 3193 BX.jpg (66 kB)
(BG) Normal series since 1992. 2008 onwards plate style. B (Cyrillic for V) = Varna.

Bulgaria normal series CA 8675 XT.jpg (63 kB)
(BG) Normal series since 1992. 2008 onwards plate style. CA (Cyrillic for SA)(2005-14) = Sofiya city.

Germany seasonal motorcycle plate KLE GE 55.jpg (27 kB)
(D) Seasonal plate, since 1997. Registration from the normal series. 2011 onwards optional motorcycle plate style. KLE = Kleve. Unusually, this is valid in autumn and winter from October 1st until end of March.

Denmark trailer series DB 8843.jpg (120 kB)
(DK) Trailer series since 2012. 2014 onwards plate style. Yellow single line plate with four numerals, serial 10 00 - 99 99 = Trailers.

France normal series BA-855-DL.jpg (140 kB)
(F) Normal series since 2009. 77 = Seine-et-Marne in region Île-de-France.

Lithuania normal series American size LAZ 370.jpg (113 kB)
(LT) Normal series since 1992. 2018 onwards plate style. American size. No coding since 2003.

Lithuania normal series former style HHH 946.jpg (71 kB)
(LT) Normal series since 1992. 2004-18 plate style. No coding since 2003.

Poland normal series DWR 56121.jpg (73 kB)
(PL) Normal series since 2000. 2006 onwards plate style. This format since 2006 in some districts. DWR = Wrocław powiat in D = Dolnośląskie province.

Poland short plate series R R37.jpg (75 kB)
(PL) Short plate series since 2018. The first R = Podkarpackie province.

Serbia normal series BG 1654-TM.jpg (84 kB)
(SRB) Normal series since 2011. BG = Beograd. Four numerals, first in Beograd, since c.2016. The small letters below the shield are the Cyrillic equivalents of BG.

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