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Sergey Lubnin submitted two plates, photographed in 2006.

USA Arkansas former normal series XRX 698.jpg (29 kB)
Arkansas passenger series 1968-96. 1989-96 base.

USA New York normal series former style CMB 6869.jpg (28 kB)
New York passenger series since 2001. 2001-10 base.

Martin Wagner of Switzerland submitted this Arizona plate obviously belonging to a fellow Swiss.

USA Arizona State University personalized SWISS.jpg (22 kB)

Carl Walter submitted this Connecticut antique vehicle plate from his former car. The legend says "Early American" even if this is a Japanese car. Photo from 2004.

USA Connecticut antique vehicle series 42318.jpg (28 kB)USA Connecticut antique vehicle series close-up 42318.jpg (6 kB)

Pierluigi Rossi, submitted this picture of a Hawaiian passenger plate seen in München, Germany in 2005. Normal series since 1980. 1991 base.

USA Hawaii normal series JWY 067.jpg (24 kB)

Chuck Burmeister submitted these photos of old Illinois plates:

USA Illinois 1952 plates 66.jpg (15 kB)
USA Illinois 1942 plate 1400 000.jpg (18 kB)

Mark noticed that I didn't have any Indiana plates on my pages. He therefore sent me this scan of the 2003 base. 29 = Hamilton county. X = Noblesville.

USA Indiana normal series 29X2305.jpg (37 kB)

Hannes Aasma submitted this 31 day temporary plate from Indiana. Valid until 07.11.05.

USA Indiana 31 day temporary plate I 224848.jpg (64 kB)

Ron Miller submitted photos of his 2001 base Nevada plates. According to Ron, smeghead is a well known British phrase.

USA Nevada personalized SMEGHED.jpg (26 kB)USA Nevada personalized close-up SMEGHED.jpg (15 kB)

Mr Pointy submitted this personalized 2001-10 base New York plate with the comment: "Ya think he's a Democrat." Photo from 2004.

USA New York personalized former style VOTEMOUT.jpg (29 kB)
USA New York personalized former style close-up VOTEMOUT.jpg (28 kB)

Dan Starcher submitted this photo of his car with the Ohio Bicentennial plate issued to all new registrants 2001-04. 25 (sticker lower left) = Franklin county.

USA Ohio former normal series BN91SB.jpg (16 kB)
USA Ohio former normal series close-up BN91SB.jpg (7 kB)

Javier Aureggi, originally from Argentina, submitted his 2006 base South Dakota plate. 21 = Custer county.

USA South Dakota normal series 21U 407.jpg (44 kB)

Erik Stewart submitted this 1985-2007 base Utah plate spotted in Oslo, Norway.

USA Utah personalized former style NORWAY1.jpg (22 kB)


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