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Flag of San Marino



(Repubblica di San Marino)


Tord Timmers submitted some photos.

San Marino temporary series former style 1083E.jpg (55 kB)
San Marino temporary series former style close-up 1083E.jpg (48 kB)
Temporary series since 1991, originally with the letter before the numerals.
Pre-2011(?) plate style. E = Temporary.

San Marino police series former style POLIZIA 123.jpg (42 kB)
Police series since 1983. 1987-2011(?) plate style. POLIZIA = Police.

San Marino construction machinery series former style M.O. 0078.jpg (60 kB)
Construction machinery series since 1995. M.O. = Macchina operatrice (Construction machinery). 1987-2011(?) plate style.

San Marino former motorcycle series RSM 4130.jpg (69 kB)
Motorcycle series 1966-94. 1966-76 plate style. RSM = Repubblica di San Marino.

San Marino former motorcycle series 8653.jpg (77 kB)
Motorcycle series 1966-94. 1987-2011(?) plate style. No coding.

San Marino former moped series 9909.jpg (60 kB)
Moped series 1993-98. 1993-2011(?) plate style.

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