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Tord Timmers submitted some photos.

Greece plant and machinery series ME IX 51070.jpg (51 kB)
Plant and machinery series since the 1960s. ME IX = Plant and machinery series. ME = Μηχανήματα Έργων (construction machinery).

Greece normal series former style NAE 9164.jpg (62 kB)
Normal series since 1983. 1983-2004 plate style. NA = Thessaloníki. Two line plates were only available the first few years.

Greece commercial vehicle series former style EKB-2948.jpg (49 kB)
Commercial vehicle series since 2002. EK = Trucks travelling nationwide.

Greece former motorcycle series OA-833.jpg (56 kB)
Motorcycle series 1972-83. OA and the numeral 1 in the right section = Athína, Peiraiás and Attikí.

Pavel Erben submitted some photos taken in 2006.

Greece normal series IEM 8948.jpg (38 kB)
Normal series since 1983. IE = Athína (Athens). This two line plate is probably unofficially made.

Greece taxi series TAA-4521.jpg (47 kB)
Taxi series since 2002. TA = Taxi. TAA = Athína (Athens).

Greece Police series E.A. 20798.jpg (18 kB)
Police series since 1983. E.A. = Ελληνική Αστυνομία (Greek police).

Greece government series KHY-5568.jpg (45 kB)
Government series 1991-2003?

Greece reduced tax series front plate AMX-5803.jpg (56 kB)
Greece reduced tax series rear plate AMX-5803.jpg (40 kB)
Plates for vehicles of families with four or more children and imported vehicles of non-Greek residents having a reduced tax structure; since 1989. 1989-2010 plate style. Certain letter combinations are reserved for this series.

Sergey Lubnin submitted this photo taken in 2006.

Greece diplomatic series former style ΔΣ 65-19 CD.jpg (26 kB)
Diplomatic series since 1990. 1990-2012 plate style. ΔΣ = Διπλωματικό Σώμα (diplomatic corps). CD = Corps Diplomatique. 65 = Ukraine.

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