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Dag Aabjørnsrød from Norway submitted this photo taken in Estonia in 2004. It is a diplomatic plate in the style used until 2004. AT = Administrative and technical staff. 14 = Finland.

Estonia diplomatic series former style AT 1401.jpg (32 kB)

Hannes Aasma from Estonia submitted the next photos, taken in 2005.

Estonia former USSR normal series 76-65 EAЦ.jpg (87 kB)
USSR normal series 1959-80. EA = Estonia.

Estonia former USSR official/ normal series EAC 5396.jpg (87 kB)
Former USSR official series used as normal series for a short while in the late 1980s/ early 1990s.
EA = Estonia.

Estonia tractor series former style 0240 EK.jpg (84 kB)
Estonia tractor series former style close-up 0240 EK.jpg (71 kB)
Tractor series pre-2004 plate style.

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