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Photo from 2008 of a personalised plate. The submitter, who wishes to stay anonymous, says it is a Senate plate, probably the President of Senate. Others say this is not the case.

Belgium personalised series 0000.A.jpg (64 kB)

Jan Van De Perre submitted these photos of a personalised plate.

Belgium personalised TOM-444.jpg (60 kB)
Belgium personalised TOM-444.jpg (41 kB)

Andy Hoppe from autokennzeichen.info submitted this photo from 2004. He explains: "I have seen this Belgian plate lately... It is similar to the plates used for foreign personnel, but instead of the month and year (inside the ring of yellow stars) it only says "EU - UE". It is possible that this plate is a new version of the old plates with the blue letters "EUR" (embossed) inside an embossed circle of stars. Since the plates don't have an expiry date, I suppose it is not a private car of an EU employee, but a vehicle from an EU facility in Brussels."

Belgium foreign personnel series 901486.jpg (24 kB)

Ben, who works for the EU in Brussel, comments: "According to the EU Intranet, officials have three choices for their number plate: 1. Belgian normal series plate (solution which was not chosen by most in the old times, but which is now chosen by the majority). 2. "EUR" plate (solution which was the favourite one of EU officials in the old times but which is now hardly chosen by anyone because of the supposed hostility of people to EU officials). 3. "International" plate (with blue letters as submitted by A. Hoppe), I supposed this possibility has been given to EU officials in order to allow them to have a distinctive plate, but without the inconvenience of having a big undiscreet "EUR" sign on it."

Ronnald Stannard submitted this photo of a manufacturer test plate in 1997-2010 style. They were in the range ZZA-001 to ZZZ-999.

Belgium former test plate series ZZR-911.jpg (11 kB)

Lo van der Reijden submitted these plates. They are all for military personnel stationed in Belgium and he has used them all on his cars. The explanations are Lo's own words.

SHAPE Belgium SB.5004.jpg (22 kB)
1975 SHAPE car plate (SB = SHAPE Belgium), for military working at SHAPE and NATO and for civilians working in SHAPE. Civilians working for NATO Brussels have a normal Belgian plate starting with EVN, FVN or GVN.

SHAPE Belgium SB.3387.jpg (21 kB)
1991 SHAPE car plate like the 1975 one, but different font of the year.

Belgium transit plate 195901.jpg (22 kB)
1999 transit plate, but with a fixed year and a seal for the month of expiring. I got that plate during my stay at the WEU Military Staff.

Belgium foreign personnel series 901081.jpg (17 kB)
2001 a car plate which I got instead of the red transit plate. All military and civilian staff at SHAPE have a plate like this one. Starting at 900000.

From Blue Bull comes this photo of the euro style front plate of his car.

Belgium former normal series JVK-480.jpg (22 kB)

Patrick submitted these photos of his own and his wife's cars. At first sight the plates look quite ordinary, but they are in fact personalised. ANN is the name of Patrick's wife. 612 stands for 6th December, his wife's birthday.

Belgium former personalised series ANN-789 and ANN-612.jpg (24 kB)
Belgium former personalised series close-up ANN-612.jpg (13 kB)
Belgium former personalised series close-up ANN-789.jpg (13 kB)
ANN-612 is in the newer style, ANN-789 the older. The main difference is the red seal above the hyphen.

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